July 28, 2006


the promotion advertisement of latest newbie singer vincy chan had used the same concept of the mv of one of the brightest new star of the year, bad day from daniel powter...

too many copycats in hk

P.S. girl in bad day, samaire armstrong will return to the O.C. in the coming episode on Wed in TVB Pearl as Anna again.

July 25, 2006

three stories

tvb pearl finally showed this episode of house. the story line is very good, using the lecture to tell his life out thru three cases. and you can know why house is lame; why he was hurt in love; why he is interested in allison but hurt her; why he is alone for five years after stacy's decision on him; why he do things not like other doctors; why lisa dresses so sexy;...

July 23, 2006

shuffle volume control

last month apple updated the core of ipod series by releasing this. so now my shuffle is under volume control. and by using the standard maximum value, i cannot listen any when mtr was in the station and allowing passengers to move in & out. before the update, i push the volume to higher so my listening ability has been damaged....


everyone knows the story and CG of pixar's movies are, and this one is still as good as before.

as last animation before being a part of disney, "cars" needs to help steve jobs to promote apple. and apple logo has been shown when mcqueen was going into mack to california in the race track as a logo of a truck!

and hope disney not make pixar worse....

July 19, 2006

hmv sale

another summer sale is now in hmv hk. it's a bit too attractive so i bought this (only $68)

and this ($98)

but a bit sad that don't need to spend much to buy this ($68) which i had already when it was come out

you can see how good sonybmg promotion is....

July 18, 2006


Please call John James Cowperthwaite back from other world and kick those so-called followers asses!

July 17, 2006

lost mood

even i wanna write lots of things, but i lost my mood to write...

July 04, 2006

buffet dinner

another angle, originally uploaded by hermanwest.

nine years after hong kong returned to devil china from britain, the sky showed some scrapes before sun said goodbye. at that moment, i was on the way to tung chung to take my dinner for fairwell a workmate.

the place was inside a hotel. three with half filled gut were just waiting the late comer who just watched the sky.
the price was just low but variety of food was not enough. and we talked about the work and some personal things. after that she is going to work for her dad company.