August 26, 2012

lego city #4431 ambulance


  1. look gorgeous; much better than #6666
  2. sewage well is printed!!!
  3. torso of paramedic is beautiful
  4. many places to access the inside of car
  5. interior is much better
  6. best of the great vehicles in my mind


  1. stickers!!!!
  2. sticker for star of life is smaller than #6666
  3. helmet is not stylish
  4. why is the patient is a man?
  5. hedges are too big
  6. no back window
  7. too much lighting at the back but not front
  8. wheels of stretcher cannot be risen

August 19, 2012

lego city #4201 loader and tipper

  1. many new parts
  2. 2 vehicles covering different functions
  3. gold colour
  4. design simple & brilliant
  5. most value packed among five sets sold in this wave
  1. stickers
  2. too many plastic bags & books
  3. no doors for tipper
  4. a bit too simple for mining

August 06, 2012

way to the end

i would like to complete my view on the remaining last eight episodes of [h]ouse but some are too boring. even worse is there were no emmys nominations no matter how hard hugh laurie & robert sean leonard performed. i give up anyway to make my memory sticking on good stuff.

the farewell is attractive. nearly every important characters have come back & my favourite should be post mortem.

people don't change!

P.S. Who will kill thirteen when her huntington worsens? last time house agreed to kill her but now house has hidden away for last moment of his best friend.