November 23, 2003

another photographing

today was another set of photographing. turtle, ray & 肥阮 were the key guys.

美亞only has very few dolls for us to choose, so we selected the one same as chris. sorry for that.

we took 63m to lingnan uni at around 12:4xpm. it is surrounded by high buildings (cityu is gonna like that). the budget is really lso ittle? maintenance is still working but some small lakes(pools) are not filled. we wasted a lot of time on eating at school restaurant. so we took not many photos then we went to bu. and we took few there and disband.

the next and last stop is gonnabe hku, should after the exam...

ball is thinking a camp on new year. will it happen?

November 16, 2003


today i needed to go back to school to have a test by my fyp supervisor. there are many people in the school to take graduation photos.

the test sucks, over 80% are calculation... even i knew how to calculate, but the result is wrong... damn...

i met samuel when i went back home. he just likes before. no big change

November 13, 2003

graduation day

today is the graduation day for all science & engineering students in my school (including jimmy, next year i will be), but is a bad day for me

i lost my pencil bag, which contains a calculator (over HK$1xx), some newly bought rubber, correction ink, pen... i also lost some fresh white paper at lab together. i thought there is a thief there...

dicky said the good day will come. i hope so, because the test of the course by my supervisor will be taken on Sun. i will miss my favourite macau gala motor race... btw, i will see him tomorrow to change my fyp project as he said last time.

November 03, 2003

graduation photo taking

actually dicky has said nearly all the things

it's a bit odd when joanne's boyfreind has come. we don't even spell his name!!! & he's a bit... i don't know how to say.

in my university, i even met a assocaite degree graduate (which i used to take that degree). she's a bit unlucky, some illness made her the graduation delay...

comparing three universities, mine is the smallest. but it's most comfortable (small & air-cond). even the toilets are the newest & cleanest... hahaha

we found out that maxim's has different strategies in different universities. in mine, it's a part of the canteen; in ust, it's a restaurant!

p.s. i forgot to put my student id card back to my wallet. so i can't login to library today...

i love dido's new album more. really need a long time to feel it. really don't know why hk singers can make so many albums/EP in a short time