November 03, 2003

graduation photo taking

actually dicky has said nearly all the things

it's a bit odd when joanne's boyfreind has come. we don't even spell his name!!! & he's a bit... i don't know how to say.

in my university, i even met a assocaite degree graduate (which i used to take that degree). she's a bit unlucky, some illness made her the graduation delay...

comparing three universities, mine is the smallest. but it's most comfortable (small & air-cond). even the toilets are the newest & cleanest... hahaha

we found out that maxim's has different strategies in different universities. in mine, it's a part of the canteen; in ust, it's a restaurant!

p.s. i forgot to put my student id card back to my wallet. so i can't login to library today...

i love dido's new album more. really need a long time to feel it. really don't know why hk singers can make so many albums/EP in a short time

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