October 31, 2003


today i just talked with my supervisor and he said what i'm doing now won't be any breakthough in technology. and i could only get pass if i still focus on it. he said i just improve the result and he will deliver another project so i can get higher marks. omg, what i have done is wasting my time???

i'm gonna busy from next week, tests, assignments, lab reports... until exam. no public holiday is at that period... the road is not easy...

the big four, agatha christine's book, is very hard to read compared with 'cat among the pigeons'. previously i saw bbc site saying that her per-WWII books are better post ones. i really believe that. poirot only appeared in 'cat' at late stage and did little. but in 'big four', he is the centre of the story, nearly every chapter has an investigation. and the words are much more difficult for me to read...

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