October 02, 2003

poor image

today is my 1st weekly report to my fyp supervisor. i show him some graphs... but he asks me whether you really know what you are doing. i can only reply in a bad way... i need to prepare a list of Q&A before finding him.

in the lesson taught by chair professor, he said my vice principal had counted out that quantites of journals by our dept's (EE, CityUHK) professors are the 2nd of the world top 500 universites (by shanghai jiao tong university) just under UC Berkeley. another time to show him 吹水 techinque. haha

the story i have read in agatha christie's book until now: a revolution in middle east (how she knew that happens nowadays in 1959), the jewels of original royal family are taken to england by the prince's english friend's sister. & the school i mentioned before has accepted the princess from that country to study there.

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