October 10, 2003

luck day

today is the demo of our lego. luckily, we have finished & demostrated without errors. it's so good.

then drawing for the remaining of the lego project (actually onlt batteries). i got all brand new one (2 batteries) with probability of 25% (4 out of 16). this is the 1st time i got so good in the drawing.

@ lecture by my supervisor, nothing is happened to me. lucky

when i took bus to go back home from kwai hing mtr, this is the 1st time for me i saw miss leung (vice principal of my secondary school. now is the principal of the school near to me) after moving.

hk is gonna be cold, wind is blowing, rain is falling (worrying about tommorrow trip).

for the book, the content just seen: wanna ask one of pupil's mother (used to be spy @ wartime) to help, but she is in turkey. the princess has been kidnapped. another teacher is murdered.

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