October 03, 2003

west day

today totally sucked...

all are during my fyp supervisor's lecture.

i bought a cup of coffee before the lesson in school. but god damned they've made it with too hot water (should be 70-80 degrees as i know for ordinary including starbucks coffee). to the guy familiar to the starbucks coffee, my mouth got boiled!!!!!! it's a bad indication.

later in the lesson i got picked out because i talked too much!!! but actually not... even i did talk a bit, the stupid guy next to me who did print notes always cross in front of me (i.e. lie over the table) to check another one notes. shit, shit, shit!!! my image is even worse in front of supervisor even i have asked him some useful questions about the lecture.
the story i have read in agatha christie's book until now: the prince & his english friend were dead. friend's sister family went back to england without knowledge of carrying prince's jewels. sister's daughter went to the school mentioned before. many know jewels were carried by sister family and used various methods to get back

next week is gonna be busy. lego design, fyp, lab, chair professor & supervisor's lecture homework...

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