October 16, 2003

hk electronics fair

today is the last day of the fair and we got the ticket from one of my professors. we went to there after the lab. there was big, many things to see, but it's really not for the consumers. we saw some funny stuff. they are 2.4 GHz wireless speaker, and a 'fan' style LED display (they put LEDs on fan ~ no wind during turning, but the image can move even the LEDs' positions are changing). jimmy was there as a representative but i didn't notice. so i didn't find him.

then we took the ferry to tsim sha tsui. there are many foreigners which finished their jobs in the fair (i mean they are buyers) and take a look for the victoria harbour. after back on land, we played few rounds of electronic games before going back to school.

for the book: school nearly stopped functioning. julia found the jewels of the royal family. she felt danger and found the detective poirot to help her. head has chosen the successor. the french mistress was a bit strange.

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