October 24, 2003


today is my birthday. thx everyone.

monday celebrated with university friends among 2 other whose birthday is on 22nd. my gift is a side bag.

maybe brithday gives me luck, thrusday a phd candidate helped my fyp project. finally i can realize what i'm doing. & supervisor didn't challege me.

i have finished the book: the french mistress was killed because she knew the 1st kill and wanted to raise some money from killer. poirot knew the princess in the school was fake. julia's mother's back and pointed out the killer. the killer wanted to kill her but miss chaddy got the bullet. the killer's head's secretary and she was a spy at wartime. she wanted the jewels. but she's not responsible to the 2nd kill. miss chaddy's the murderer for that kill. she's co-founder of the school and afraid the successor taking her school. finally the jewels had handed to the wife of the prince in the uk.

i have bought another agatha's book, the big four. i'm now watching it.

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