January 20, 2004

fyp again

since results of the measurement is far that from the simulation. the current one is cut. my supervisor assigned me to continue the work that last year guy unfinished...

i tried the special coffee of the lunar new year by pacific coffee. it's not big special (latte plus double expresso with nuts), but a shape of its logo is on the bubble....

January 17, 2004


i wasted over $300 to buy a book to train me before the exam because school's free copies are all underlined by others. Is it worth? ok, but not for $300...

i woke up before 6am, then arrived at kowloon bay at near 8am. the signal for the shuttle bus to the venue is not very good. i needed to ask the security/information desk for several times. but the bus came quickly. it is owned by sun bus, a kmb company. i checked in and waited until 8:50 outside the exam room. at 9, the exam started.

1st was listening test. it is easy. but i heard someone couldn't follow after the exam finished. then is reading. luckily i recently read some books (agatha christie's poirot series) to improve my reading skills, so my speed was not slow and i finished it 15 minutes earlier than allowed. i found the one on my right hand side used a lot of time to underline which is the method for a-level. and i assure that that is not useful here. you should read whole message and get a main idea 1st. writing is the last one before lunch break. my vocabularies is still a weak point so that task one's mark should not be so high. i think task 2 is better. the topic is about universities should prepare students for empolyment. and we need to write 2 sides of view, and my own view.

i went back cityu for lunch because i had 3 hours before the speaking test. i took with the phd student and he told me secrets of people (including himself), tricks for fyp and seeking jobs.

i came back at 3 and i got the exam earlier because the one who should exam in front of me is absent. the examiner is called charles. i found from the mark sheet that everybody sucks at task 2 which is explaining the idea from the topic of the card. i suck too. only grade 6 is given. the topic is choosing newspaper or magazines for the favourite, explaining with reasons, which parts you study most, what kinds of people would read... i spoke about 1'30". last part is grade 7, is interaction about the topic between me and him. i couldn't see the mark of the 1st part, interaction about myself, but i think around 6 or 7 is given as i saw those previous marks...

January 11, 2004

last entertainment for the last semseter break

we song lunch karaoke together. there are six friends toally: ball, me, tony, jimmy, martin & his girlfriend joy lam.

then ball and joy bought the same mobile phone, nokia 3200 for their own. both lost their phone recently and one of the service providers provided refunds if they use the service and buy the phone there. the refund is $700.

then we played some electronic games at a games station nearby. i won twice at motor racing but sucks at typing of the dead.

then we were shopping at bossini again. joy, tony, & ball (again) bought somethings. and ball bought a bag at a small shop...

January 10, 2004



jimmy, ball & i went together at kwai fong. but i nearly came late. not good traffic here. when i got on the bus to kwai hing, the crapped minibus which went to kwai fong directly appeared. shit. there are other people i know, like cs angie, ee victor, someone used to tudy self studying room with us at secndary...

attitude: ok; use of chinese: bad, even our chinese expert said hard; use of english: not so good, it's a bit like a-level

after exam, ball and me went to kwai fong and we were shopping in bossini. he bought some & i bought a belt. then we went to starbucks. we saw joanne and joy lam outside waiting minibus. tthey didn't discover us and we phoned them as ball for joy & i for joanne. :-) before left, we discussed about the 1st few years after graduation, we agree it's hard to have some savings at that period. many need to be paid.

btw, ball and i think love actually's song, christmas is all around, rocks. :->

2 tv shows recommened on sat: rthk's 女人多自在2, the US's queer eye for straight guy

January 06, 2004

two little things

finally make a workable antenna (not simulation, is real!!!), but not very good indeed. whatsoever i hope this small step is really useful for the future.

the grade is out. it's ok. but others are even better... i think i'm really not the kind of the person to study engineering. or i often perform poor in the examinations... i should study arts or biology or even computer science that i can get a better result. however the hk education system can't help you to show the right way to study because of exams, exams, and exams!!! those exams are just using your small memory (you can imagine only 10% of brain are really used throughout the life and you should figure out how many are for the memory) only.

January 04, 2004

last photo taking

there are so many people appeared this time, like 7wing, miss tsang, elder brother and two policemen.

actually we only take photos at few spots as nearly all of us are tired because of work (how can france allow so few working hours - 35? only chinese/japanese work so long).

then we went to causeway ceo neway to sing karaoke. the price is reasonable. the room includes separate toilet and RF mics. but those mics suck, either poor connection or the sound is bad...

our dinner is Xiaonanguo Imperial House. it is a shanghaiese restaurant suggested by ball but he didn't eat with us! there is a smell of vinegar and the food is too salty for hong konger. but it's not bad acutally. the price is not expensive.

i think we guys will not meet each other for a period of time. everyone is busy on own things, work, study...

January 03, 2004

love actually

a movie even better than the lord of the rings 3. no boring scenes. in this movie you can find not only love between men and women, also brother and sister... the movie actaully concentrates on a place, "the street". all are living on the same street

luckily we can see the film before it is put into discs. the stories of the film is excellent, the stars too. not just only english actors, also american. elisha cuthbert, "kim bauer" in 24 also acts. but not all people should see it

recommend (from nearly must to should): wants to show the love to the one doesn't know; couples; loves british comedy

not recommend: just be alone; alone for a long time; doesn't like dirty language & scenes

where we saw is olympian city's broadway. the seat is comfortable and the sight is not blocked by the front. very good.

tomorrow is the last photo taking of university graduations: hku!

January 01, 2004

new year eve

happy new year

just like last year, we went to tuen mun bbq site to celebrate. but this year we had fewer people, some needs to work in mainland, some need to celebrate with their girlfriends alone. totally there are 12 + 1 people joined.

btw i need to say sorry to someone, making him unhappy.