January 03, 2004

love actually

a movie even better than the lord of the rings 3. no boring scenes. in this movie you can find not only love between men and women, also brother and sister... the movie actaully concentrates on a place, "the street". all are living on the same street

luckily we can see the film before it is put into discs. the stories of the film is excellent, the stars too. not just only english actors, also american. elisha cuthbert, "kim bauer" in 24 also acts. but not all people should see it

recommend (from nearly must to should): wants to show the love to the one doesn't know; couples; loves british comedy

not recommend: just be alone; alone for a long time; doesn't like dirty language & scenes

where we saw is olympian city's broadway. the seat is comfortable and the sight is not blocked by the front. very good.

tomorrow is the last photo taking of university graduations: hku!

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