January 10, 2004



jimmy, ball & i went together at kwai fong. but i nearly came late. not good traffic here. when i got on the bus to kwai hing, the crapped minibus which went to kwai fong directly appeared. shit. there are other people i know, like cs angie, ee victor, someone used to tudy self studying room with us at secndary...

attitude: ok; use of chinese: bad, even our chinese expert said hard; use of english: not so good, it's a bit like a-level

after exam, ball and me went to kwai fong and we were shopping in bossini. he bought some & i bought a belt. then we went to starbucks. we saw joanne and joy lam outside waiting minibus. tthey didn't discover us and we phoned them as ball for joy & i for joanne. :-) before left, we discussed about the 1st few years after graduation, we agree it's hard to have some savings at that period. many need to be paid.

btw, ball and i think love actually's song, christmas is all around, rocks. :->

2 tv shows recommened on sat: rthk's 女人多自在2, the US's queer eye for straight guy

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