January 04, 2004

last photo taking

there are so many people appeared this time, like 7wing, miss tsang, elder brother and two policemen.

actually we only take photos at few spots as nearly all of us are tired because of work (how can france allow so few working hours - 35? only chinese/japanese work so long).

then we went to causeway ceo neway to sing karaoke. the price is reasonable. the room includes separate toilet and RF mics. but those mics suck, either poor connection or the sound is bad...

our dinner is Xiaonanguo Imperial House. it is a shanghaiese restaurant suggested by ball but he didn't eat with us! there is a smell of vinegar and the food is too salty for hong konger. but it's not bad acutally. the price is not expensive.

i think we guys will not meet each other for a period of time. everyone is busy on own things, work, study...

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