January 17, 2004


i wasted over $300 to buy a book to train me before the exam because school's free copies are all underlined by others. Is it worth? ok, but not for $300...

i woke up before 6am, then arrived at kowloon bay at near 8am. the signal for the shuttle bus to the venue is not very good. i needed to ask the security/information desk for several times. but the bus came quickly. it is owned by sun bus, a kmb company. i checked in and waited until 8:50 outside the exam room. at 9, the exam started.

1st was listening test. it is easy. but i heard someone couldn't follow after the exam finished. then is reading. luckily i recently read some books (agatha christie's poirot series) to improve my reading skills, so my speed was not slow and i finished it 15 minutes earlier than allowed. i found the one on my right hand side used a lot of time to underline which is the method for a-level. and i assure that that is not useful here. you should read whole message and get a main idea 1st. writing is the last one before lunch break. my vocabularies is still a weak point so that task one's mark should not be so high. i think task 2 is better. the topic is about universities should prepare students for empolyment. and we need to write 2 sides of view, and my own view.

i went back cityu for lunch because i had 3 hours before the speaking test. i took with the phd student and he told me secrets of people (including himself), tricks for fyp and seeking jobs.

i came back at 3 and i got the exam earlier because the one who should exam in front of me is absent. the examiner is called charles. i found from the mark sheet that everybody sucks at task 2 which is explaining the idea from the topic of the card. i suck too. only grade 6 is given. the topic is choosing newspaper or magazines for the favourite, explaining with reasons, which parts you study most, what kinds of people would read... i spoke about 1'30". last part is grade 7, is interaction about the topic between me and him. i couldn't see the mark of the 1st part, interaction about myself, but i think around 6 or 7 is given as i saw those previous marks...

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