August 08, 2010

still in dreams?

  • is the whole thing a dream & it keeps looping until the right cobb finally meets the right saito?
  • even the core story is about cobb' mind on his wife, don’t know why that’s the weakest part in the film. its made me feel dull when this shows again & again.
  • the plan to make fischer mind change is very dangerous, which one of the scenarios was shown by what happened to saito.
  • it’s so terrible that you need to & know how to defence dream.
  • actually i don’t think saito knows the mission is accomplished as he didn’t witness fischer finished the task the team assigned. so final scenes probably are cobb’s dream. how come his kids are sill so young? obviously the totem would not stop.
  • i think it’s a bit tough for nowadays dicaprio to film the cashing scenes in africa. if he was still the one in titanic or romeo + juliet, that’s fine.