February 09, 2013

django unchained

the marauding masked group who were leaded by the plantation owner hiring brittle brothers hunted by the dentist were damned idiot. that is the second funny thing after the symbolic teeth above the dentist's cart.

the place, candyland, was just opposite to its name. it's rather a hell for black people. there were many henchmen and also ways of brutally punishments for these poor guys.

should the dentist let django meet his wife before the deal? it's hard to say how they would have behaved if they met each other during the dinner. it's so true that every place has someone like stephen trying to betray their fellows for personal gains. i really didn't know jailing broomhilda was for sex slave until reading plot online. it was funny when quentin was dead in such a stupid way.

django was different from normal slaves. he was so much smarter as an expert sniper and shooter at a short time. he wound play the role quite well even though eq was not good enough to prevent the loss of dentist. stephen was another even he's on another side.

my previous mind on leonardo dicaprio was still the young boy in titanic. this film changes the view a lot. christoph waltz made another good job with quentin again while samuel l jackson remained a key guy in quentin's films.

but anyway i like inglourious basterds more. maybe i knew more on wwii than the slavery in the states. and the way of torturing people was much over than the previous one.