December 31, 2006

ocean spring

my friends got a two-day trip organised by hong thai (yeah again) on x'mas day. total 43 were in this tour (nine were us - seven wests & two girls from a west). and one of west's colleague also joined the trip with her family.

first was to a jewellery factory called italia to visit & a try to make jewellery. but as far as i know, no one is interested and we wasted an hour there. we took lunch in a restaurant (worse than those in guilin) and we went to a small playground. we played kart, fishing, & archery there.

we headed to the spring directly and got the rooms. first played snooker and we took the dinner (this one was ok). after the dinner we played table tennis & badminton for a moment. some then went to spring while others were back to rooms. before sleeping, we shared local-made chicken which was ordered during dinner.

we took our buffet breakfast next morning (not bad) and we played snooker again. we had a brief guide about the spring before we took a bus to ferry terminal. we were cheated by our guide that there are lots of restaurants nearby and we nearly missed the ship. and i finished one, two, buckle my shoe in these two days

back to hk, we seven were still together and had karaoke buffet before back home.

travel agency: 3/5 - price a bit too expensive

ship: 3.5/5 - a bit slower

tour guide: 3.5/5 - a bit cheating us on last meal

hotel: 3.5/5 - some parts are fixing while some i cannot play...

coach: 3.5/5 - nothing special

food: 3/5 - a bit worse but the chicken order for supper is good

view: 4/5 - a bit smoky, the hotel view is ok, the laser shown at the night was seen when i was in sky

weather: 5/5 - fine

December 30, 2006

qe stadium vs hk coliseum

on x'mas eve there was a concert in qe stadium which the performers had sung in hk coliseum too. it's a good chance to compare both

convenient: qe is a bit better. at least located closed to hot spots
traffic: coliseum locates just next to train station
other design: qe has a lobby to allow them to sell stuff!
theatre: qe is smaller but has better sound system & less restrictions to performers to contact audiences

December 27, 2006

hsbc atm dead

luckily that's not happened to me & took my card. that lady is poor and she phoned the hotline in atm centre but her card cannot be back until next week...

what i saw is already after the machine was stuck in the machine. the screen last active is requesting pin. and the machine didn't respond after entering pin and 6 asterisks were on lower right hand corner.

after she had left, the machine started to reboot. first showing is machine was down. shut down window of windows xp pro was shown then. and what a surprise cpu of atm is P3 850MHz. after the reboot, the machine was still showing down. maybe card was stuck inside.

p.s. windows xp was installed to replace aged os/2 just within few weeks

December 13, 2006

flickr updating

obviously more and more cameras with higher pixels mean pix size is larger and larger. and flickr is adjusting their limits for all users. pro user can get unlimited uploads while free can get 100mb. but for free users other limits are not changed so that increasing upload limit makes your old pix disappearing faster and pushes you to upgrade account (earn more from flickr to help it's parent, yahoo!).

how to upgrade account easily, they modify a bit so that you can send and use gift accounts easier! even you can make a card for the this.

December 11, 2006

o... service change

just talked about joining stocks monthly investment plan, it says the change in service.
  1. not supporting payment thru credit card. this is one of selling points of the plan, but obviously the cost is too high: bad debt; card service fee; rewards points.
  2. eligible stock list up to 88 securities. many are h stocks. some are ok but i don't have extra money to get more...

December 10, 2006

nan lian garden

the garden is built in tang dynasty style and maintained by chi lin nunnery.

it is a bit different from other parks owned by government. 1st it's not maintained by government itself and full of guards there. you cannot either smoke, eat or drink (except water)inside. and it has a bridge to connect to nunnery.

but the garden should be put aside for years before opening to public. for this kind of gardens, our feeling should be a bit aging, but it is too fresh for everything, from stones, trees, structures... & with too much concrete without plants covering.

and hong kong is contaminated so that there are so many guides and clumsy narrations from speakers breaking the silence...

some pix are here

iTunes Music Store @ New Zealand

how come only a country having 3 million people can have iTunes Music Store but not in HK? learnt from macgrass, apple opens music store & online shop together.

but hk has lots of advantage compared to nz in online market area. 1st is population. 7 million vs 3 million, more people means more chances to have business. many hkers are owing ipods and using apple products.
2nd is cost for internet, hk is smaller, more choices to get online. in nz, land is too big compared to population size which means setting up online is not so efficient. besides only 2 monopolies (xtra, telstra clear) provide online service there compared at least 4 here (monopoly had been gone in hk in early '90s).
for those saying trouble putting local categories into the store, japan's store can kick their ass from everywhere. From technical supporting asian characters, getting local music industry support...

hk already has online shop, why don't we deserve a music store?

December 06, 2006

x'mas pick

another x'mas pick is out and that one is still shining among the others. this one and that one have talked what most stock owners thought.

i also thought that before, like i bought karrie international at a quite high value within a month after webb had picked it in 2004. and now i'm losing and the company management said the business needs to consolidate and expand so that the dividend policy has been changed after the profit and turnover were fallen. btw my friend who was staff said it becomes a property company but its annual report denied. so if thing's going worse, i need to get rid of it.

i also bought another pick few months before as i think kingmaker is much below the value after the big hit of timberland stopping the cooperation with it because of EU tax. the company is making effort to compensate and there is a future.

but this year his x'mas pick article is a bit different from previous years',
  1. "Stocks can go down as well as up. One day, one of our picks will blow up in our face", which stocks he means, 1170, 1050, 684?
  2. only talked last year's pick but not more as what he did in past years. 1050 has past the peak; he had blamed management of 684; 1170 is also blown... but i think 927, his last year pick will still go strong for one or two years only as xbox 360 will complete its cycle before the end of this decade. then fujikon needs to choose to be still OEM or go to high-end more.
  3. he used a part for market overview and said new accounting standards misleading market's P/E, making the market bear all around.
except buying those picks, in order to increase my fortune, i subscribe to stocks monthly investment plan and choose hong kong electric. and with this decision, the bank upgrades my account (i need to get consent from my employer!) and gives me a financial plan. and i know i need to do more in this area!

December 05, 2006

something before day 6

check 24's HQ and you can see latest from 24.
  1. show off toyota's new car
  2. chinese are still so cheap in the eyes of americans
  3. jack is cheated!

December 02, 2006

dirk müller goy kicked?

bmw have signed augusto farfus as their new driver for wtcc and said that "Within the ranks of the BMW drivers, Farfus is going to replace Dirk Müller, who was a BMW works driver from 2002 to 2006...." in their site.

it seems a bit odd to write that on the site, i've never seen that kind of words in manufacturers' statements. so dirk needs to find a new job.

November 26, 2006

dreams - the ultimate corrs collection, the corrs

obviously record company wanna earn more when they are not working together! but as a naive fan of the corrs. so bought it

November 20, 2006


in hong kong, there's no thanksgiving so that x'mas is now the main theme everywhere.

even in our work place, ladies had bought decoration and i needed to help to put them on more than a month before.

ahh, but i'm thinking what i will do that day. most likely stay at home.

step back from pacific coffee's irish cream latte because of starbucks' holiday special, toffee nut latte.

1st book from the series may not be worth. looking for second one

even without much promotion, it is now on hmv chart and got one there.

update on 2/12:

i have some sorts of luck and got a quite good prize from the draw!

November 12, 2006


travel agency: 4/5 - good in this price range

airline: 3.5/5 - too full even in this period

tour guide: 4/5 - a bit too many phone calls

hotel: 3.5/5 - a bit old; breakfast not too hot; but tv played friends season 9!

coach: 3/5 - too many insects inside

food: 3/5 - nothing special; taste is ok

view: 4.5/5 - a bit smoky, river is a bit dry; but best were being shown

weather: 5/5 - fine, not cold, not hot, no rain, not too dry

special: 6/5 - a korean workin' in hk picked his parents to join the tour. and celebrated his mon's birthday on the last day. cool!

some pix here

November 08, 2006


1. 瞓覺唔會嚇醒我
2. 唔怕我笨&悶
3. 唔好男仔頭
4. no smoking

November 07, 2006

sad cypress

finally complete the book after watching twice on tv.

the big difference is how to end the story. book version uses the logical way thru court interactions. but tv version shows how poirot pushed nurse hopkins for the truth while poirot were in danger.

seems that tv version is more attractive

looking for pc game of murder on the oriental express

November 05, 2006






November 04, 2006

where can jean alesi go?

former formula-1 driver jean alesi quits dtm. where can he go? in the announcement on dtm site, he will maintain good relationship with mercedes.

in wikipedia, some traces can be found. back to f-1 as a driver for future team, driexiv? as a team manager of the team? as a test driver for mercedes? fully concentrated on his vineyard? retire completely and active on show business in japan as he has a japanese singer wife?

seems he quits dtm is not a bad choice...

google is a bit late

or too busy on blogger beta? their blogger web comments didn't support firefox 2.0 until now. and does the new update support blogger beta?

October 30, 2006

lamma island

  1. waves are too high in victoria harbor; ships are faster and with a/c
  2. only chained store except government service
  3. is hsbc?
  4. dogs is major population other than people
  5. my home is much better than that boarding house! (even motels in NZ are better)
  6. local & foreign snacks, bars are better than local chinese seafood restaurants
  7. played too much winning eleven with too less sleep

so close for Blogger & Xanga

as founders of these two competitors are working together!

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October 28, 2006

another update for Google Reader

few things marked are good move:

  1. items are not read when just movin' scroll bar
  2. keyboard shortcuts in IE are fixed
  3. labels can be added when subscribing feed
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October 27, 2006

Another Medival 2: Total War demo

just a new demo is out. at the page you download, you can find the mini spec needed for the game.

the speed control is workable this time, but screen rotating is too fast. sometimes cannot catch up the which part of field is being watched

Windows Live Barcode

not only japanese are interested in qr code, but also microsoft! they made a site under windows live allow you to generate qr code in free!

New iPod?

from CNet, this seems to be the next music player from Apple? o... the wheel is gone? is nearly full surface screen? so will it be so vulnerable as nano?

October 26, 2006

Firefox 2.0

It is out now. at least it has chinese version but not for IE7 yet.

but one thing sets me down a bit. avs (kaspersky) uses all resources to check firefox setup file. i chose avs to scan all details of file and it uses up all resources of my core 2 duo to search for virus!

Bday Card

from appledaily

lucky color: not my favourite

characteristics: yes, yes, no, no, too much, yes, yes, yes

love affair: really? omg...

October 22, 2006

Love You Lately

Another recommended after Bad Day from Daniel Powter!

update on Oct 26: the video is now online on his site or check it out! It's about an assistant (acted by Rachel Leigh Cook) helping him film the song's video, thought about her past affair when she heard the song...

October 15, 2006

Lego System #6342

Lego System #6342

got it from one of online shops @ bricklink. the quality is ok but i think next time i would buy thsoe in very good condition.

anyway this one is much better than currently selling 7903. this design is much better; it has a yacht; & it has a hot t-back minifig.

t-back worn on minifig

but two things 7903 did a little better, the wings are not big enough & 7903 has wheels

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Medieval 2: Total War

just tried the demo of the game on the day of Battle of Hastings. it has a tutorial to teach how to control troops in battle field and the battle used is Battle of Hastings!

the quality is much better than Rome: Total War except it is harder to control the speed of game. the button to control running faster or slower is hard to get clicked! the developer should check that before selling the game officially.

and the demo did not show the turn based system which is the key of the game so i don't know it is good or not.

September 18, 2006

words from pope

even i don't believe not catholic, and i think pope benedict xvi looks like palpatine in star wars, i feel what he said about muslim is right. they had not improved within ages and how they reacted to pope's speech is a prove! now bush & pope are saving civilized world. one is using they way general people use while another is using spiritual way. May god bless them.

but i'm worry about the safety of pope and the future of catholic if pope is not alright.

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September 16, 2006

September 15, 2006

America's Army v2.7

it's in front line now! get it here if you have 2.5gb space for install file, latest system specification in order to driver hmmwv.

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September 07, 2006

new imac


  1. i don't have a computer before
  2. i need a LCD mon
  3. mac os x 10.5 is out

i would buy an imac instread of a pc!

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August 28, 2006

Sinking of Japan

it is not as bad as others thought but may not be worth getting so good result in japan.

CG is much better than godzilla but too hardselling their co-operators like self defensing forces with large subtitles! and they should find another smap guy as actor even the doctor is cute like dr slump and the minsiter likes christine ng.

3 more points i wanna point out:

  1. why not make love with actress when actor knew he would die soon; girl does love him; and japaneses love sex
  2. one ignitor could start bombs all over japan coast and need to use submarines to put ignitor?
  3. why do citizens not wear mask when air is full of volcanic ash

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August 27, 2006

new computer

HK$6,000 for below:

  1. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
  2. Intel Desktop Board DP965LT (P965 Chipset)
  3. 1GB DDR-2 800 from Super Talent
  4. Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB SATA
  5. Lite-On SHW-1635S
  6. Case from 099
  7. Maxtron 400DS from 2the Max
  8. Asus EN7600T
  9. Installation charge - a bit regret, those are not treating their jobs with heart.

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August 20, 2006

First try by Windows Live Writer (Beta)

just using one of the views available, "Web Layout" and it uses my default css background so that i can see what will be shown directly. That's cool.

and two plugins developed just fit me, insert tags & insert flickr image.

but how is my post shown on the real blog? let's see.
(btw firefox & opera cannot show this template...)

those paid software for publishing blog may be losing the market to this ms product.

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August 13, 2006

Dead Man's Chest

this weekend is nice and i went to watch bill nighy and keira knightley in the same cinema again.

the film i think maintains the same quality as the first especially the performance of johnny deep. but i found why they chose keira because she is easy to act as a man and becoming a crew of a ship. And orlando bloom makes me feel he is even more like a girl than keira.

it's a bit unpredictable that geoffrey rush was shown up at the end of the film. i really wanna to watch the final of the series!

August 08, 2006


i need to recall what i said on this!

From that by famous elyse, cell phone signal can be received at cruise!

July 28, 2006


the promotion advertisement of latest newbie singer vincy chan had used the same concept of the mv of one of the brightest new star of the year, bad day from daniel powter...

too many copycats in hk

P.S. girl in bad day, samaire armstrong will return to the O.C. in the coming episode on Wed in TVB Pearl as Anna again.

July 25, 2006

three stories

tvb pearl finally showed this episode of house. the story line is very good, using the lecture to tell his life out thru three cases. and you can know why house is lame; why he was hurt in love; why he is interested in allison but hurt her; why he is alone for five years after stacy's decision on him; why he do things not like other doctors; why lisa dresses so sexy;...

July 23, 2006

shuffle volume control

last month apple updated the core of ipod series by releasing this. so now my shuffle is under volume control. and by using the standard maximum value, i cannot listen any when mtr was in the station and allowing passengers to move in & out. before the update, i push the volume to higher so my listening ability has been damaged....


everyone knows the story and CG of pixar's movies are, and this one is still as good as before.

as last animation before being a part of disney, "cars" needs to help steve jobs to promote apple. and apple logo has been shown when mcqueen was going into mack to california in the race track as a logo of a truck!

and hope disney not make pixar worse....

July 19, 2006

hmv sale

another summer sale is now in hmv hk. it's a bit too attractive so i bought this (only $68)

and this ($98)

but a bit sad that don't need to spend much to buy this ($68) which i had already when it was come out

you can see how good sonybmg promotion is....

July 18, 2006


Please call John James Cowperthwaite back from other world and kick those so-called followers asses!

July 17, 2006

lost mood

even i wanna write lots of things, but i lost my mood to write...

July 04, 2006

buffet dinner

another angle, originally uploaded by hermanwest.

nine years after hong kong returned to devil china from britain, the sky showed some scrapes before sun said goodbye. at that moment, i was on the way to tung chung to take my dinner for fairwell a workmate.

the place was inside a hotel. three with half filled gut were just waiting the late comer who just watched the sky.
the price was just low but variety of food was not enough. and we talked about the work and some personal things. after that she is going to work for her dad company.

June 10, 2006

not interested as much as others

that is world cup. i don't waste my time to watch every single full match in front of tv, don't wait my time to read sections in newspaper in details. i think i'm one out of thousands in the world not interested soccer as other males.

but Bundeskanzler Angela Dorothea Merkel did a job on china issue. on new maglev train project, she asked china not to copy the technology germany developed. that's a big hit to mainland. now everybody knows china steals technologies when imported and don't trust chinese. this is one of the evidences showing ethic in china is deteriorated. that's the thing said in chris patten's east and west (fianlly finished studying), make china to face the world same as others!

June 03, 2006


my mind is so damned old right now. not interested in any pop music. but after listening full set of memories, number of songs made me feel excited.

finally finished watching live in geneva, they still had passion to perform live. obviously old songs are better than new one. so i think to watch their performance is much harder than andrea shown up in cannes.

May 21, 2006

a bit down

last week i should not buy this & this...

sick was the main frame for last two weeks. but it's different than previous. i didn't need to lay on the bed to take rest. but these few days it took me staying a lot on the toilet...

bad luck was still around me. how could i lose my cell phone on a minibus? i don't know. and the worst is losing all people contacts... but better than none, my friend working in a mobile phone network company had a special offer by using nearly half of original price to get this. however i needed to pay for a bluetooth usb adaptor in full. another friend also lost his phone and bought this (a temp who was working with me few months before also interested). size is ok, smaller than i expected.

the most sad thing is death of friend's mom. last seeing her during chinese new year holidays & she's all right. but then around a month before she was in a hospital to ahve a treatment remove cancer. two weeks before she was already in the heaven. it's so fast... yesterday when we saw him, he did look ok but really don't know how is in his mind. may god bless him.

May 14, 2006

another blog from department of LA Government

after LAFD putting pix on flickr! and built a blog on blog*spot, LAPD also built a blog which makes CNET news feel interested.

when will our little government make some movement in this field in order to build a better image instead of justsaying better governance?

May 07, 2006

toys & miniature

yesterday traced my dream to fill up my lego collection in kowloon area. so i took a stop at shim shui po but without new stuff in my hand. so i moved on to next place, mong kok. a few more shops were checked. but all of a sudden, i found a thing more interested, i.e. herpa miniature car of bernd schneider's '95 dtm. so i don't care how much it costed, just took my wallet out and handed the notes to shop owner...

but there was some more time and the purpose had not yet fulfilled, and i walked down to tsim sha tsui and stepped into a shop selling lego. and finally got this...

but i don't wanna put any stickers on it yet. make it pure!

May 06, 2006


a victory of macromedia. and i like macro's layout actually

and it maintains the old adobe's feedback card which is cool. but they should maintain the latest download update design from adobe and the national setting didn't work after going to an english only site...

May 05, 2006

local master of copying

i'm not discussing how janice sings. but there's an article saying his producer copying a song from my favourite band. what i really wanna say is the guy really knows the world music much and used for producing local music. he's so damned clever. and those love music made by him are...

lucky not to work in toy factory?

there's one more reason for not choosing the car toy factory. today's newspaper said that prostitutes have moved from mong kok to tsim sha tsui east where the factory's office is at there. i don't like to leave there with those "ladys" not just standing around, but blocking my way to make me use their "service"... sounds like disgusting.

windows live messenger beta

the latest, should be the last one before release candidate was out (get the beta access right here).

this one is much kinda cooler than previous one. at least for a three-year ago pc. it takes half less memory and more functions are provided. another thing can be found by me (because the windows sound system has been crapped by ccleaner), it uses another way to drive sound out!

but one drawback is mine cannot operate when it starts with pc booting. it's needed to be closed and started again. maybe this is being affected by startright.

jamie + tom + dave

one for promoting himself more in the u.s.
one for m:i:iii
one for attracting more audience

so they drank olive oil!

check it~

There's some Reader in my Homepage!

This move stops people saying duplication of reader and personalized hompage

Check -> There's some Reader in my Homepage!

May 03, 2006

latest 24

after a dull lesson on induction and risk management (but it's kinda cool when i could leave earlier, slept between the lesson, and had tea when i slipped to the old place which is downstairs), i went straight back home to watch latest 24. and...
  1. james morrison was so fit (he's a yoga teacher in real life) when he wore sweater to show bill buchanan was resting at home to cover chloe had been here. i think he can get some more as a model of american apparel.
  2. how can jack get cell phone signals on the sky? all signal transmitters should point to ground.
  3. mike the chief of staff becomes messenger of mr & mrs president...
  4. so damned stupid miles found mike for help. first is mike has no real power, second is mike closes to jack instead of you, miles.
  5. paul mccrane is suitable to act as a bad guy, from er to now 24.
  6. 2 lol points: logan said jack is desperate. the real thing is jack's always desperate; there's no secure line on the earth. even the one by ctu was hacked!
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company's singing contest

there was a singing contest final held by company on second last sunday of april for the first time. 16 from every departments were selected to perform on stage at academic community hall, and one of them is my friend, ball. he had 20 tickets while i also got my extra two being as staff. my friend called his schoolmates, family and his girlfriend to support. for my extra ticket, with a bit unexpected (seems not have another chance), carmen joined me to watch the contest (as i told her there was a guest). she was so lovely beautiful, just like a perfect princess in my mind.

those finalists were formed in four groups. not only had they performed their own selected song, but also needed to have a group competition with the prize of a mp3 player. dancing was competited in my friend's group while others chose other things. and my friend's performance was better in that group competition than his selected song. his vocal cord was sleeping at that night so that he lost the contest. the champion was performing with support from music of guitar while the voice of first runner up was very simialr to jacky cheung. and all performers were very professional, better than most of local pop singers.

after all performance, 2 seniors from our bank sang four songs before our honoured guest densie ho (a bit late come) to perform. two songs were sung while the first one i never heard before and really could not catch up what she sang. btw the hosts (sara lee & william lam from metro broadcast) did a good job that night.

after the contest, we two took dinner together at a shanghaiese restaurant at mongkok but a bit disappointed on the food before going back home.

May 01, 2006

bad day

after 4 weeks of no 1 in billboard (5 weeks now, with reasons - warner music did a lot of stuff), bad day is promoted again in hong kong with new ad focusing on the mv featuring samarie armstrong (anna stern in the o.c.; btw, she's back in the o.c.!!!).

but don't forget the album was released last year. there are so many similar cases in music industry actually, like dido. she's really getting pop after eminem used "thank you" as background of stan even her music "here with me" has already used in roswell.

April 17, 2006

for those who love f-14s

many are attracted from its design, strength or even from the movie by tom cruise, top gun. although it will not be on sky anymore, there's a navy pilot from second last squadron flying f-14s put flights and last show on flickr. let's salute to f-14!

P.S. something more: Last F-14 to Fly Combat Mission Comes to NAS Pensacola

Another P.S. tamiya has made a model for blacklion f-14!


April 15, 2006

day before april fool's day

i got fooled from a car toy factory. they offered a post as a r&d engineer but the boss gave me time to think before accepting this job. however when i replied i would like to work, they said they have found another guy for the post. wholly shit!

Los Angeles Fire Department on Flickr

will our fire department follow them?

Los Angeles Fire Department on Flickr

P.S. even Blogger Buzz is interested!

I'm not an alien on this issue!

at least one more person agrees what i think on working hours

check them: 1, 2

spending too much since this year

like last month:
  1. weddin' dinner - $500
    first person i know in our age range getting married. they are couples for more than four years and just got a flat with down payment support of their parents (30% of flat price?). the dinner was cool. food was good but the servants were not enough.

  2. game cd wanted too long
    after i got the salary from new job, first thing to buy is rome: total war - barbarian invasion. while no more copies were found in the city, i bought the parallel imported one from thailand. but i think i should buy it from amazon where the price was just the same.

  3. music cds
    also got them after the salary. first one is bed to bedlam from james blunt. another is from jack johnson again, OST for curious george which was not shown in hk cinemas which actually using jack for one of the covers. all songs are cool in blunt's album while i especially love "talk of the town" in that OST.

  4. ipod applecare for sister's ipod
    bought that for her because hers is expensive and easily broken (fourth generation ipod photo). but the warranty was already outdated in the database apple computer inc. so my sister phoned thier hotline and they asked to fax the proof (sales receipt) but the line is a foreign one which was hard to find a fax machine with IDD easily. finally parent of her classmate helped her.

    btw here's the site to check how many remaining for your ipod warranty.

  5. loan (for university student)
    still need to pay $3xxx every quarter for near four years

  6. food
    spent too much for lunch this month eating in soho area. but one was a bit sad. we paid a temp clerk for lunch before her resign as she hurt her recovered spinal again during her work and the company cannot provide another easy-going position so that she needed to resign.
when can i recover that?

April 10, 2006

at least 3 more days to come

i mean fox's 24!

ref: HQ

"The rich pact, which is set to begin in June, calls for the actor to continue on the hit Fox drama for three more years and includes a two-year development deal for Sutherland's soon-to-be-launched production banner.


On the big screen, he next will be seen opposite Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger in "The Sentinel" and will provide the voice of the lion in Disney's "The Wild.""

April 09, 2006

lemonade or lemon water

appledaily quoted our former chief justice yang said in the uk people said lemonade while lemon water is used in the us. but in wikipedia lemonade means different things in both countries. in america, it means uncarbonated drink but it is carbonated in britian and uncarbonated will be called as "real lemonade".

how about dessert, sweet and pudding? yang said lower class using sweet or dessert but not pudding. but in wikipedia, "Dessert is most commonly used in Hiberno-English, American English, Canadian English, Australian English and in French. Sweet, pudding or afters would be more typical in other variants of Commonwealth English for this course."

i'm not sure his definition on what and pardon is correct or not (he said what is from the mouth of blue blood). anyone can help?

March 27, 2006

gmail localization catchin' up

except missin' google talk chat history, gmail (at least chinese traditional) is just the same as english (u.s.) version for non-mobile version!

March 20, 2006

market is too hot!

too many things to prove...
  1. karrie international, webb's christmas pack in 2004, posted its third quarter result. during the press meeting, the director said this year was too good and is cutting the prediction of next year growth from 5% to zero or even -10%. ref: google news. it's time for them to think some new breakthoughs

  2. ipo of a company which allows a school kid (son of chairman) to be a director to help him take the business easier in the future had overallotment. ref: yahoo

  3. for fresh graduate, you can find a job with HK$40000 per month! can you imagine that? ref: google news
so when will the bull market end? what will halt the growth? need to find a way to win after this bull market.

March 18, 2006

policeman in dark

news ref: google news

let me have some background study:

motive: yes (finanical, career)

barrier to kill: no (after killin' colleague leung)

planning in the past: very good

planning of this time: suck (why did he choose tunnel? no covering when his target fighted against him like this time)

why did he steal gun from colleagues?: didn't know method to get one from dark side; could not bring gun out of the station after duty)

shooting skill: murder was good, policemen in patrol were not so good

February 28, 2006

stupid sales tax

our financial secretary and those studying how our tax comes urge for sales tax since nearly all developed economics have and also widen tax base. but this is the stupidest move after choosing tung chee hwa as our chief executive.

for lower class of society, they will be poorer on accumlated taxes as many know. there will be a big hit for our services and sales industry! we can get rid of regional shopping centre soon. no one from other places would wanna buy things here because redemption is a bit trouble.

but after depolyment, there may be a business found focusing on that. since sales tax will increase in coming future, those having foreign passports should group together and provide service to buy things for those not having to get the redemption. that's what the german guy i know did when he came back to germany to buy things with 16% sales tax and used his HKID for refund!