December 06, 2006

x'mas pick

another x'mas pick is out and that one is still shining among the others. this one and that one have talked what most stock owners thought.

i also thought that before, like i bought karrie international at a quite high value within a month after webb had picked it in 2004. and now i'm losing and the company management said the business needs to consolidate and expand so that the dividend policy has been changed after the profit and turnover were fallen. btw my friend who was staff said it becomes a property company but its annual report denied. so if thing's going worse, i need to get rid of it.

i also bought another pick few months before as i think kingmaker is much below the value after the big hit of timberland stopping the cooperation with it because of EU tax. the company is making effort to compensate and there is a future.

but this year his x'mas pick article is a bit different from previous years',
  1. "Stocks can go down as well as up. One day, one of our picks will blow up in our face", which stocks he means, 1170, 1050, 684?
  2. only talked last year's pick but not more as what he did in past years. 1050 has past the peak; he had blamed management of 684; 1170 is also blown... but i think 927, his last year pick will still go strong for one or two years only as xbox 360 will complete its cycle before the end of this decade. then fujikon needs to choose to be still OEM or go to high-end more.
  3. he used a part for market overview and said new accounting standards misleading market's P/E, making the market bear all around.
except buying those picks, in order to increase my fortune, i subscribe to stocks monthly investment plan and choose hong kong electric. and with this decision, the bank upgrades my account (i need to get consent from my employer!) and gives me a financial plan. and i know i need to do more in this area!

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