December 31, 2006

ocean spring

my friends got a two-day trip organised by hong thai (yeah again) on x'mas day. total 43 were in this tour (nine were us - seven wests & two girls from a west). and one of west's colleague also joined the trip with her family.

first was to a jewellery factory called italia to visit & a try to make jewellery. but as far as i know, no one is interested and we wasted an hour there. we took lunch in a restaurant (worse than those in guilin) and we went to a small playground. we played kart, fishing, & archery there.

we headed to the spring directly and got the rooms. first played snooker and we took the dinner (this one was ok). after the dinner we played table tennis & badminton for a moment. some then went to spring while others were back to rooms. before sleeping, we shared local-made chicken which was ordered during dinner.

we took our buffet breakfast next morning (not bad) and we played snooker again. we had a brief guide about the spring before we took a bus to ferry terminal. we were cheated by our guide that there are lots of restaurants nearby and we nearly missed the ship. and i finished one, two, buckle my shoe in these two days

back to hk, we seven were still together and had karaoke buffet before back home.

travel agency: 3/5 - price a bit too expensive

ship: 3.5/5 - a bit slower

tour guide: 3.5/5 - a bit cheating us on last meal

hotel: 3.5/5 - some parts are fixing while some i cannot play...

coach: 3.5/5 - nothing special

food: 3/5 - a bit worse but the chicken order for supper is good

view: 4/5 - a bit smoky, the hotel view is ok, the laser shown at the night was seen when i was in sky

weather: 5/5 - fine

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