December 10, 2006

iTunes Music Store @ New Zealand

how come only a country having 3 million people can have iTunes Music Store but not in HK? learnt from macgrass, apple opens music store & online shop together.

but hk has lots of advantage compared to nz in online market area. 1st is population. 7 million vs 3 million, more people means more chances to have business. many hkers are owing ipods and using apple products.
2nd is cost for internet, hk is smaller, more choices to get online. in nz, land is too big compared to population size which means setting up online is not so efficient. besides only 2 monopolies (xtra, telstra clear) provide online service there compared at least 4 here (monopoly had been gone in hk in early '90s).
for those saying trouble putting local categories into the store, japan's store can kick their ass from everywhere. From technical supporting asian characters, getting local music industry support...

hk already has online shop, why don't we deserve a music store?

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