May 21, 2006

a bit down

last week i should not buy this & this...

sick was the main frame for last two weeks. but it's different than previous. i didn't need to lay on the bed to take rest. but these few days it took me staying a lot on the toilet...

bad luck was still around me. how could i lose my cell phone on a minibus? i don't know. and the worst is losing all people contacts... but better than none, my friend working in a mobile phone network company had a special offer by using nearly half of original price to get this. however i needed to pay for a bluetooth usb adaptor in full. another friend also lost his phone and bought this (a temp who was working with me few months before also interested). size is ok, smaller than i expected.

the most sad thing is death of friend's mom. last seeing her during chinese new year holidays & she's all right. but then around a month before she was in a hospital to ahve a treatment remove cancer. two weeks before she was already in the heaven. it's so fast... yesterday when we saw him, he did look ok but really don't know how is in his mind. may god bless him.

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