April 10, 2006

at least 3 more days to come

i mean fox's 24!

ref: HQ

"The rich pact, which is set to begin in June, calls for the actor to continue on the hit Fox drama for three more years and includes a two-year development deal for Sutherland's soon-to-be-launched production banner.


On the big screen, he next will be seen opposite Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger in "The Sentinel" and will provide the voice of the lion in Disney's "The Wild.""


  1. I'm psyched, but I feel like the show is bound to go downhill at some point. As it is, I feel like it is becoming more unrealistic as they keep having to go to new extremes in order to continue to shock us. Maybe if they change location that will help...how many times can terrorists try to annihilate the same city?

  2. agreed. and even they can say president is the terroist!