April 09, 2006

lemonade or lemon water

appledaily quoted our former chief justice yang said in the uk people said lemonade while lemon water is used in the us. but in wikipedia lemonade means different things in both countries. in america, it means uncarbonated drink but it is carbonated in britian and uncarbonated will be called as "real lemonade".

how about dessert, sweet and pudding? yang said lower class using sweet or dessert but not pudding. but in wikipedia, "Dessert is most commonly used in Hiberno-English, American English, Canadian English, Australian English and in French. Sweet, pudding or afters would be more typical in other variants of Commonwealth English for this course."

i'm not sure his definition on what and pardon is correct or not (he said what is from the mouth of blue blood). anyone can help?

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