February 28, 2006

stupid sales tax

our financial secretary and those studying how our tax comes urge for sales tax since nearly all developed economics have and also widen tax base. but this is the stupidest move after choosing tung chee hwa as our chief executive.

for lower class of society, they will be poorer on accumlated taxes as many know. there will be a big hit for our services and sales industry! we can get rid of regional shopping centre soon. no one from other places would wanna buy things here because redemption is a bit trouble.

but after depolyment, there may be a business found focusing on that. since sales tax will increase in coming future, those having foreign passports should group together and provide service to buy things for those not having to get the redemption. that's what the german guy i know did when he came back to germany to buy things with 16% sales tax and used his HKID for refund!

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