February 12, 2006

overuse of it in schools

in my secondary school era, infomation technology (use of computer for teaching) was a growing technology and started to implement into the schools. but now, it's popular to use it in hong kong. compared to what i have faced with my sister's. i think it is overused.

two examples can mention that:
first teachers make powerpoint presentations instead of using blackboard and chalks. but i don't think presentation is a way to present materials to students. teachers use too much time on special effects to attract students. that makes them no time prepare the lesson or do other things. and paper is wasted for printing out the notes instead of dropping down by pupils as they can drop down key points only instead of whole article. and students lose the skill for how to drop key points. chalkboard is more interactive than the presentation while it's easy to ask students to come out and write down answer on board directly but not in different computer which may damage the presentation easily.

another is using email to tell students homework assignments. i think each student should get a blackberry in free. i find teachers from school which my sister's studying love sending homework assignments in irregular periods even after school time. so they need to check their box quite often in front of the screen. but using computer is just like going into supermarket or department store, too much stuff diverts your mind. after checking email, they would like to write some blogs, read friends' diarys, visit some websites or even play games. and they lose responsibility to drop down homework assignments into their handbook before going home while their teachers lose responsibility to assign assignments in school time. anyway this makes students know the real world a bit more.

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