October 08, 2003

i'm damned

i had a poor sleeping the night just gone, waked up extremely early but not very tired (hell)... then went to chinese restaurant to have tea with parents in kwai fong

then i went back school @ noon, made lego and did rf homework. i must damn those south asian foreigners for maintaining the lego. they didn't tell us to check the lego when they handed to us, so there are not enough motors, light sensors... they gave us black face when we complained. after that we found his head (another chair professor). maybe he gave them pressure & they found us in a polite way...

today i heard the talk about ielts. shit i can't get the email about this. but luckily my groupmates went & i followed (so stopped building lego for the moment). deadline is next weekend....

tmr i'm gonna find fyp supervisor for weekly report, but nothing really has done because of lego. i only find some details for some terms...

dido's life for rent is ok i think, but not as attractive as 1st album cos the style is similar... white flag likes here with me, which tv series roswell had used for theme song. i loved other songs, especially last two.

i have finished over half of the agatha christie's book. it says the head wanna find successor as she thought she's feeling dull, but hard to find. there was a murder killing sport mistress in sport house. maybe related to the jewels from prince as a relative (princess) is here. btw damn is not a dirty word, i saw it twice in the book.

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