December 05, 2007


as what i have said after the last race this year. alfa romeo's car is a bit too old to keep competitive in the top race. so now the team running it, n.techology finally gives up and they are going to find another partner to play the game in coming future. but if they wanna fight with manufacturer teams, they cannot choose those putting official teams in the race, i.e. bmw, seat (or audi group), chevrolet (or gm group), or no mercedes (the focus on dtm). So most likely they can find japanese or korean cars. And most active one should be honda, there are some cars running in wtcc under independent teams for past few years (not the one just completed). and they have individual design for europe market (major battle field for the race). anyway, as a fan, what we can do is just enjoying holidays and wait for more news.

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