July 29, 2007

no more free lunch for manhattan id card holders

after standard chartered bought it from chase manhattan bank for few years, they finally take actions to promote the brand. to cover some loss from promoting, they cut some offers for current customers. the most important is annual fee waiver. formally the waiver is for entire life. starting from next year, waiver is only available by fulfilling either one of belows:
  1. retail purchase of HK$12,000.00 or more each year (counting from card issuance date)

  2. retail purchase at least once every month (statement period)
but no amount of annual fee is mentioned in the leaflet included (Aug 6 - HK$216.00 from press release).

some other things that may need to take care:
  1. the responsibility of bank for activation of renewal/replacement of card is reduced

  2. points earned cannot be combined with other manhattan card

  3. maximum interest fee free repayment period is shortened from 60 to 59 days
as offers from other cards are similar to id card provided, and products for points redemption are not attractive to me (mainly local artists performance), that seems like i will cut the card in coming future.

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