July 21, 2007

zonealarm got crappy again

actually it goes crappy since last version, 7.0.337. it doesn't allow me to update from 7.0.302 to it. but as far as it works, i don't care.

recently another update is out, 7.0.362. and it makes crash when installing. even i backward install 7.0.337, it prompts not enough admin rights. so i checked the official forum and said that's a problem from active virus shield (avs). at last i really remove avs in order to install zonealarm but crash still happens when they both run. maybe i should use 7.0.302 which doesn't crash with avs.

i remember same crappy thing happened few years before and actually was a problem of zonealarm instead of other programs. even zonealarm is one of best firewalls, it's kinda crappy with other programs and the supplier doesn't take care it. using windows default firewall is better then.

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