February 04, 2007

life in the middle

obviously my body and my mental wish are making me stay away of city life. basically i can live healthier in countryside in the country like new zealand, ireland, denmark or even japan. staying in a nice house, working in a field, working books in front of field, seaside, or even a roadside, taking a dog to walkaround, and making own meal is kinda wonderful thing.

or i can be a priest or a monk and lived in monastery to learn to inspire how the real person should behave.

and i'm too naive compared to normal city guys. it's hard to live with them.

but this kind of thing cannot be happened in forsee years! living in city too long, i even cannot sleep in too silent place. i cannot live without friends. and there is too much temptation to make me stick inside a city.

the most important is money. i need to work harder to get financial freedom and buy a house at my dream place.

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