June 24, 2007

medieval ii: total war & civ 4 bts

swasted weekends of few months concentrated on medieval ii: total war. but i think this one is not as good as rome: total war and its first expansion. there are two things making it less lovely even patch 1.2 is out already.

turns are too short which the faction is not fully developed to gain enough resources to build massive armies to fight around.

and timurids are too damned strong. same amount of army in western world cannot win the war against same amount of timurids' army. that's why papal states are not lost to them.

the latest expansion pack of civilization 4, beyord the sword, sounds quite promising while comparing to kingdoms, expansion from medieval ii. despite the lead programmer of civ 4, soren johnson, has left firaxis to ea (maxis) for spore, the hand-on previews shown (extracts on civ fanantics' center) show very good response, some even call it civ 5. if it comes out with few bugs, it should be a big hit.

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