April 08, 2007

cheung chau

the latest one night trip destination: cheung chau

we queued for over half an hour to have a walk in the cheung po tsai cave. is that the cave used by pirate cheung? i don't think so. it's too damn small, hard to store or stay for a longer time. but the boy renting flashlight is a special. he walked outside the rusted railing and the path is just only a foot wide next to the cliff with slippers only!

the house is really crappy, the worst among the years. small, insecure, dirty toilet, damn a/c. we could not control the temparture, wind speed. and there were water droplets coming out. later on, the machine sounded mad and made us awake. so we needed to turn it off!

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p.s. cheung po chai = cheung po tsai? which one is correct?

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