September 16, 2005

something done by the company i had worked

yesterday there was an announcement from government and consumer council after the safety test results of electric wall fans which were done by the company i had worked. the results are trustful because i didn't preform any tests for this project.

the reason is i'm not familiar with the revelant standard even i did do some fan tests for manufacturers. but the company cannot afford any errors done for government projects and there are many workmates focusing on home appliances safety standards (supervisor requires everyone to know that standard but not everyone are focusing on it, i'm one of them).

btw, one of the manufacturers got the results in june (as i can remember) and gave us an improved sample to do a part of retests.

Ref: (searched in Google 新聞 香港版)
[2005-09-16] 8款掛牆風扇 高溫易起火

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