December 10, 2004

dr peter leung

our company had two accessors today. one of them was dr leung. they were for the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. he recognized me and talked few words... met him again on next mon and tues.
just bought some stocks (two lots) recommended by famous local stock commentor. very expensive but need to learn this game. otherwise never get enough money only based on salary or interests from banks.

this weekend:
  1. ot on sat (i hate that)
  2. duck race (any news?)
  3. packing up some old stuff in pc & at home (did some)
  4. swimming / treating my leg (leg 1st)
  5. anymore...? (bought 2 agatha's books, organising some stuff, & saw joey yung at harbour terminal)

updated at 5:45pm gmt+8, dec 12

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