May 09, 2010

the clone wars season 2

anakin becomes even darker. some skills used by vader in episode 4 or 5 were shown.
how will ahsoka end her jedi journey? she is not shown in episode 3.
hondo ohnaka is the most attracted pirate/bounty hunter in the series, even more than cad bane; but possibly cad can break the prison again to get aurra sing/boba. and even bounty hunters have a good side.
captain rex is more humanize than expected, that’s why he is not shown in episode 3?
will there be any more development on obi-wan & duchess satine? it’s a bit bored to watch anakin & padme only
just thought tera sinbue would be shown again in season finale to lead ahsoka to search in scummy areas. where is yoda & obi-wan by the way? when mace & anakin are hurt
wish boba escaping from prison, they don’t simply follow the same way as ziro the hutt
how come zillo the beast didn’t have luck to hurt palpatine a bit (to force him to show some sith power)?

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