April 16, 2008

another interview

this time, i didn't go back to cityu, but to polyu.

today obviously was not a good day for interview, it's very hot! temperature outside was over 30oC and that in the interview room was not low so i kept sweating in front of interviewers. coming few days will be much cooler.

there were two interviewers which i think both should be staff of facility. they asked similar general questions as what cityu interviewer asked but two things i think they kick me out from the list. one is have you ever taken any financial program before internally or externally? another is whether you need to use the analysis to report to outside policy? btw i saw other interviewees are older than me and they wore more formal. besides my interview seems to be very short, only 10 minutes. so their favorites should be with little financial background and work in marketing or credit. when to know the result? may 30.

p.s. i'm still young enough agent of model company has an interest in me.

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