June 22, 2004

macau again

company around 7:20, went to hk-macau ferry pier directly but all tickets before 10pm were sold out. so we (7c, tonywest, and me) took dinner before taking the ship. after an hour trip, we 1st went to the latest casino, "sands", owned by venetian. it is much bigger than casino lisboa and it's las vegas style, show, free drink. we played $600 and lost all... :)

then went to hotel to join other mates. that hotel should be a hostel (5 floors) and it is next to the one i stayed in last x'mas. we booked 3 double rooms for 10 people. :( those couples slept 1st and boys watched england vs croatia. gj rooney. slept at 5:xxam and waked up around 10am

1st went to temple at south. but the weather is too hot for us, so we separated into 2 groups. 1 for "sands" and another to taipa. i went to taipa with ball, hong, and dicky (anymore? but i forgot)... we found a place next to the shore and naive portguese house which is windy and relaxing. then back to city centre and joined back other guys, we bought some stuff and took the ship back

the west thing is forget to that electronic hand-held fan. too hot...

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