June 16, 2004

1st day

orientation for 2 hours, people are not bad but my office cannot receive mobile signal. and then just broke down the desk lamp, inserted thermal couples, finally reassemble it... worked from 9 am - 7:1x pm. 2 men working with me in a new place, but one of them owning high diploma and studying bachelor is still working same as my post for 4 years. he may be waiting to get promoted after getting the bachelor but how about me?

tomorrow need to test short-circuit of socket/plug, but very boring task

pccw phoned me to have a test on the graduate trainee post, but i haven't replied it yet. what should i do?


  1. I think ... you can accep the test for PCCW...as it is just only a test....not an offer ... if you don't try it, you will miss this test and chance....

    if you think your current job doesn't show you any 前景...咁你更加要試....我其實唔係太清楚你地eng. 人既市...好難比咩specific commments 你...不過, 如果我係你...我會做左先....等一路做, 一路搵....


  2. herman,

    i agree with Dicky, first go and give a try on PCCW's test, and keep on looking for jobs. I understand it would be somewhat troublesome to look for jobs at the same time you work as the current job, try to balance your time on this.

    regarding the job prospect, it's good to figuare out more information about the career progression and promotion forecast through talking to the senior or from your colleagues' experience.

    Take care ar,