June 30, 2004

interviews today

very hot today. i swore a lot

morning was the pccw interview. 5 people interviewed me, one from training, one from hr, and the others from different departments. i think i suck, no chance to get the offer. everyone are asked with their ability of putonghua but not me. i said too much technical but which should be not good. my introduction in english was poor. replys to hr was also bad.

then went back to school's clinic to get the sick leave proof. but the damned doctor didn't give me saying that my body temperature is not high enough!!! waste $13 on her. shit.

lunch with steve and carmen in an italian restaurant in festival walk. steve said somethings about school including tvb news, future projects, and stuff about professors. thx him for the lunch

after that, another interview at kowloon bay, new world pcs. very fast interview but seems to have a 2nd one because she has asked me any more interview in this period which is a sign of further interviewing / giving an offer

finally got a sick leave proof using $150...

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