August 03, 2004

several stuff

  1. leg hurt cannot be recovered like fordo?
  2. cheap sheep just asked the stupidest question i ever heard, "when u register in the U to accept the offer of the course are there many ppl in the University?" why not...
  3. still tuned in tvb pearl more: 24, ER, the Apprentice, Friends, Queer eye for the Straight Guy... so many nbc programs?
  4. got 2nd salary, more than half borrowed to mom to pay rent... my dad seems a bit addicted to gambling... can leave a bit earlier from work in these few days but more duties, no more easy days. deptartment head is gonna leave the company next week. tommorrow will have the dinner for him...
  5. books: agatha christie's poirot series, giuliani's leadership
    music: corrs' BH, avril lavigne
    sports and games: swimming, america's army, cash flow,...

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