September 26, 2004


sunday is a day of rest

morning woke up to go swimming... probably last outdoor swimming in this year. water is become colder and colder. where should i go swimming in winter? ymca or shing mun valley?
weather is dry and warm with sunshine but it's not last long. i wanna buy a hat when i saw it in muji shatin. but the price...
took brunch in kwai fong and then went back home to fix my computer which is nearly done.
then went to find the chinese doctor because of little sick. and requested service for computer from my mom's friend (sister of doctor) on day after the festival.
after the visit, headed straight to tsim sha tsui to buy books, and checked whether any sport shoes suitable for me. finally bought two books and the favourite shoes have my size but i didn't buy yet... hard to find a affordable and few people restaurant nearby...
jamie's new book is already out here (earlier than uk, usa and canada). find a cd chain store selling with different price in different area...

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