July 10, 2004

paid dinner

paid dinner for steve with carmen at mongkok. got some news for everyone

bought a USB-IR device but need to do something on my computer before using it

begin to think how much i need to save each month. steve said a thing which i very agree. only 2x years for working, earning is impossible for the whole life without good planning. i paid for transportation, lunch, magazines (milk & e-zone), study debt (said in rich mad, around 1.15 times of  debt), family, and swimming. around 1k left for each month, and i only buy fictions, investment, and management occasionally. besides maybe buy some legos. i need to keep 50-60k for a year living. others will use for investment...


  1. 我覺得...我地宜家o岩o岩出黎做野...一定好難可以save到好多錢...
    講真, 我地咁後生....又冇咩經驗..好難做咩生意...又或者會好易俾人cheat...
    不過, 只要我地做多幾年, 就應該有萬多人工一個月...到時, 就可以save多d...再可以諗下...其他大計啦....唔洗擔心wor...我地仲後生呀..
    by dicky

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