April 14, 2012

road before last eight

chase: he just blamed everyone for making him stabbed in last episode. but he forgot that's his decision to treat in that way to get himself hurt. his clinic session picked this episode's patient, a postulant. and he then slept with her & then made operation on her.  it's funny too see actions between house & taub. taub got trained to prevent being attacked & house tried to prove that's coward. another episode is without wilson.

man of the house: haha finally administration checked house's so called "marriage". wilson & park tried to help but eventually failed. luckily his "wife" saved their asses. except taub, all team members were stupid to fight for the team leader post. if you don't wannabe getting angry easily, simply follow the patient, kick the crotch.

love is blind: house's mom is cool. her lover is also cool. wilson is also cool. birthmark cannot prove anything, how house can be so stupid. i also like park getting drugged. everybody lies even still loving you. please don't think there is no cheating when you want some private space.

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