March 25, 2005

from last post

something should be written down on last post but forgotten. 1st is killing the fan with using gold-wire stuff. it fails even we used tricks learnt from our german colleague. and it hurt me! 2nd is my sister replaces her mp3 player from old-aged one to ipod photo 30GB. she paid HK$2000 and my mom paid the remain. so rich she is!

yesterday finally kicked the fan and i will not care it until retest if i'm still here. but i'm gonnabe very hurry for the light chains and need to finish them before the end of month. So hard days coming after easter. jesus please save me! in this easter i'm very bored. a bored man with no activities. gonnabe dusty

today fixing my leg (i think this problem is from the human body design. why get away tail?) then bought 2 books again and found out a failed product done by my colleague (i may need to type a blog to describe them. lol) being sold on GOD. how much is it? HK$8xx. it's cheap stuff and not worthy for that. bought a cup of new coffee from starbucks when back home.

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