March 21, 2005

plain but in a city so dead

nearly cannot find right clothes to back work & missed the last bus. met the colleague in the bus and continuing blaming our company. lol. got a can of coffee to flush me up. another colleague said saw me in causewaybay on sat and asked me about the hair cut. omg. my eye-sight is so bad and i need to tune my glasses again? anyway he is not so attractive to be seen and her girl friend is in little size. and anyone walked besides me and i didn't find you out please don't blame me!!! 1st to do was to water the santa claus' car using non-standard stuff. but anyway same as the deers, it failed the electric strength test (too prevent the current flowing to non-live parts). the put it to the tempature rise test. began to replace the failure fan. so fast, my lunch time came. so stupid to order a mini-pizza. expensive & too damn small. but others taught me how to feel full with coke. haha.

afternoon i think now was wasting my time and luck was turning down. did much minor stuff but actually nothing has been done. really forgot what i've done that time now. but those things made me not leave early. more bad luck when leaving. saw no one waiting 47x, so i went to wait 48x. but after getting on 48x, saw a 47x coming in front and flew away. so damn slow was the driver. just wanna fxxk him! used so much time to back home and my shuffle played whole no angel & 4th song of life for rent (i.e. life for rent). but something good to know poirot will be shown on atv world on coming sunday 9:00pm. it's five little pigs (not yet seen the book since it's published in war-time and i still stick before that period).

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