March 16, 2005


what i mean is waiting my sick leave for a nearly useless interview

interview @ CITIC Telecom 1616 Limited
time : 4pm
people: technical guy who used to study a part-time degree with fyp under prof luk

place is nice! only used 15 min to interview & i spoke much more than him (my performace is even better than him).

damn things:
  1. salary: 8000
  2. shift: 3 shifts on mon - fri. 2 12-hr shifts on sat or sun
  3. application form: not that company name which means possibly when i got an offer i will sign the other company
  4. he said he interviewed many people (shows how small i am in his eyes!)
  5. no need to check my academic genuineness
haha took fat's chocolate from his table. thx

great in festvial walk kicked away?

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