March 17, 2005

christian related

happy st. patty day everyone. but not me! lonely & need to work hardly. the loyal workaolic thinks every taking sick leave is finding another job... crazy! just finished retests of old customer's luminaire (not stable quality. don't buy them!). doing 2 more.

1st is box fan. just gave us god damned new synchronous motor and i need to take out the old one and replace just because the movable guard is too big! they just do too much. not just renew the guard, but also the motor and i need to do all stuff again!

2nd one is from our big boss. some christmas light chains with 3 different style deers and one santa claus sitting on the deer car. too damn big to put into our equipment. but seems a bit easier to do than fan.

60335 should the troublest standard on earth. so many tests with tough requirement from supervisors and our partners (french & german) but can only get very few money back. what the hell that nearly every household products are guarded by it. so safety testing must rely on related jobs mainly. life is much easier for emc. 20 jobs per day can be done for a small lab. 1 job can be done in 20 days at our side is pretty good.

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