March 22, 2005


sleepy caused me hurt

1st to short the motor operating capacitor. so the fan smoky and exploded. really a shock! why i should so a damn dangerous job to do? but it's good that no need to copy the data as the motor has been down. thought finished the temperature measurement of light chains, what the hell is not. there is a bridging function (if one fails, other lamps are still on) and i need to do it one by one to check whether it's safe or not! after finising one of it and moving it to the sideway, my thumb was got hurt by a broken lamp (color of lamp and artifical grass are so damn close!). but no one cared. other stuff done today was mainly cleaning up fan stuff & fan stuff (but still lots of it). some pressure felt to start a new led nightlight and workaholic wanted me to help her to do a coffee maker. she's too damn loving this job (why on earth having this kind of people. the business is not yours and company can kick your ass out as easy as possible. DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF) and missed friends gathering orginially at 6:30 (she left at 8!). on the bus, saw roadshow playing a program promoting digital stuff and found one of the adcs classmates as a presenter! his loving lips and eyes showing loading his memory is funny. he has a much better look than the old guy!

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