November 17, 2005

written test again

after a brief trip to guangzhou on tuesday, yesterday i went to kwun tong again to attend written test for graduate trainees. but it's too late for me to leave home so that i wasted $70 on taxi. i found an old intern also attended among over ten candidates but he left earlier than me. and i was not in the candidate list but the officer asked me to put my details there. btw this year paper is much harder than last year one.

next stop was tsim sha tsui and had a look at new sogo. it's much smaller than the one in causeway bay and seems selling more profitable stuff. oh, my friend was in his store and took lunch with him. i was a bit lucky because it's ahrd for him to work so early. and wednesday is the day you can access freely to public museums. just a few minutes of walk from the department store is the arts museum watched the chinese ink painting. and walked to the nearby space museum to see any new stuff inside which made me a bit disappoointed. it's interesting so many foreigners to take a visit to the museums. hk goverment should put much more effort on maintaining and improving the standards of the museums.

i still cannot find something for the weekend in the bookstores but i can find a pocket penguin in pageone. another bad news is the version of civilization IV sold in hk is dvd version which i need to either buy a whole new computer or buy a new dvd drive which both i don't have money to do.

back home later and fell asleep as felt tired (maybe effect of drugs)

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